Sunday, 22 July 2012

Harbour Festival in Bristol!

We have created a new window display for the harbour festival featuring a magical paper boat by Lisa Yardley and Sally Imbert. So happy harbour festival you lovely people of Bristol!

We have new glass work in from Stuart Low, in the form of small and affordable screen printed panels and if you haven't seen the beauty in parsnips before then you must pop in to check out a brand new piece by Coo Gellar that is a delight!

Come in to the cool calm of the shop and you may also hear some local melodies.
Here are a few more pics to get your arty tastebuds going..

JoannaRose plate with a Freya Cummings screen print

Hand sewn card by Sarah Salaman

Hand printed card by Sarah Salaman

Sunday, 1 July 2012

This wednesday is the day...

Hello followers! 
As I mentioned in the previous post it is Bristol Independents day this wednesday (4th july, wow where did june go?). 
It's a day to celebrate local businesses for all the local colour & individuality they reflect back to us amidst the mass produced mix of a world we live in. 
We will be providing free designer cakes on the day for all those who visit Makers here in Colston Street, and a prize for the first customer of the day.
So here is a tempting taste of this curiously creative and uniquely local shop & gallery, come and see it for yourself in real 3D my friends..

collage by Sally Imbert

digital print cushion by Sarah Salaman

decorated ceramic bowl by Joanna Rose

printed necklace by Ruth Broadway

stiched cd pouch by Rachael Dadd