Thursday, 23 May 2013

Vintage Lorry Pincushions..

A bit of lighthearted fun was had today making Vintage Lorry pincushions on the Mezz at MAKERS.

 And the gift boxes covered in road maps were a perfect compliment to the lorries.

Even the ribbon suggested a road!

As all our participnts comment, it's just so nice to give yourself time out to make something, as it's a gently satisfying thing to do.

There are more chances to make these coming up soon, keep checking our website for details (it's on the events page). They make great personalised presents. Here is the link

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Our very first workshop on the mezz...

Here are some images of our first making workshop at MAKERS with sallydove and Mog from eightfivepress. The workshops are held on our lovely mezzanine, above and in the shop.

We had cups of tea and an abundance of materials to choose from. Our participants really enjoyed carving out a bit of space and time for themselves to make these delightful mini printed journals.

All hands on deck!

Keep checking our events page on our website for upcoming workshops.

Friday, 3 May 2013

New featured maker on our website!

The very talented Anna Harley is now revealing her working process and motivations and inspirations on our guest maker page at 

Screen printing at Spike Island Studios, she celebrates the beauty of nature with her own personal sparkle, embracing her 'inner kitsch' as she puts it!

We have some new mini-prints here at the shop at a very affordable thirty five pounds, which is another wonderful aspect of her ethos, that strives is to make art available to all.

Thank you Anna!