Thursday, 5 September 2013

Lino Cutting Taster Workshop at MAKERS

In addition to selling beautiful things we like to help create beautiful things, and experiences. This is why we run workshops above MAKERS shop & gallery for those of you who want to learn new skills or simply spend an enjoyable few hours absorbed in making.

Melanie Wickham came in and taught a Lino Cutting Taster Session which was a laughter filled afternoon with some dynamic lino cutting produced in a short space of time. I was working in the shop and could hear all the squeals of discovery and whoops of delight as new techniques were passed on and ideas shared. It's great to allow yourself the luxury of play and experimentation with some excellent materials and knowledgeable guidance.

Here are some snaps of the afternoon..

warming up with the usual tea and biscuits!

Miraculously, initial ideas and sketches were tweaked into shape and committed to the lino. Working with the tools took a little practise but with Melanie's gentle guidance the techniques were soon mastered and taking on a life of their own.

A completed lino ready to be inked up..

The tools of the trade!

The working area was well organised to keep the process smooth running and so that all the lino was inked up evenly, ready for the next step: printing.

Each part of the process has it's own magic!

The moment of truth!

The wonderful thing about lino cutting and printing is it's versatility once you have carved your image or design. You can go on to reproduce it many times and on different papers for all sorts of applications.

Whether you are making it as a greetings card, artwork in itself or the beginning of an unprescribed creative journey, lino has a tactile immediacy that transforms simple mark making into the realm of the extraordinary. 

Thanks to our eager participants for coming along and to Melanie for sharing her skills and making it so  much fun!

If you are interested in having a go, keep an eye on our website on this page where you can book on our courses and workshops .

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