Friday, 7 March 2014

Hen Party Buffet Workshop!

We had some creative customers looking for an unusual way to spend the day on a hen party.
So with some careful consideration and many an email, we worked out a wonderful day for them at the local Beatroot Cafe, with two concurrent workshops and a mega delicious buffet.

One half of the group opted to make fabric birds with artist Sallydove, using hand stitching and machine sewing.

The other half of the group chose to work with illustrator Melanie Wickham to make lino printed paper bunting and stationary. They spent a good deal of time quietly creating designs and then carefully cutting away at their lino with specialist tools. 

Then a mad printing frenzy broke out and they really got into some full on production!

We had a well earned break for lunch with a sumptuous buffet, catering for vegetarians and meat eaters which certainly equalled the workshops in creativity! My personal favourite was the falafel and roasted mediterranean vegetable sandwiches (not forgetting the cheese and chilli toasted bread-yum!).

Home made cake and hot drinks followed soon after, with hot chocolate brownie being a top taste!

The birds were completed with beady eyes and decorative stitching, with some choosing to add wire legs and others opting for the hanging bird variety.

One happy hen!
Best wishes for the wedding from MAKERS.

(Huge thanks to all who came on the Hen Party and the guys at Beatroot cafe and Kate Uzzell for sewing machine assistance and Melanie Wickham for being a lino-powerhouse!)

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  1. Wow!! Such an amazing hen party buffet workshop. Loved your creativity that is shown. I am too planning to arrange a hen party at one elegant LA venue. Will use your few ideas for the day. Just want to make the day enjoyable.